‘Flamenco Sign’, move closer to an inclusive Flamenco

‘Flamenco Sign’, move closer to an inclusive Flamenco

Flamenco is a heritage of mankind. It belongs to all of us regardless our sensory or physical abilities. Do accessible your Flamenco encounter and you will turn it into a ramp for social inclusion and a new source of inspiration for all, public and artists.


‘Flamenco Sign’. Glossary of Flamenco for sign language

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Flamenco Sign is the glossary for the International System of Signs (SSI). Singing (cante) playing (toque) dancing (baile) and Ciutat Flamenco Festival. They  are 4 new signs that did not exist before which are necessary to explain what is the essence of Flamenco and  the relevance of their festivals.

Avanti Studio Studio adapts ‘Flamenco Sign’ to any festival/encounter anywhere in the world as an inclusive tool of creation and transmission of Flamenco; by designing new flamenco sings, organizing the ‘Flamenco Sign’ workshop or presenting the project for lectures or talks.


The workshop “Flamenco Sign”. Introduction to Flamenco through sign language

flamenco workshop ©Maud Sophie Andrieux
flamenco workshop ©Maud Sophie Andrieux


For an hour, and with “Flamenco Sign” as a vehicle, a guest artist displays his/her personal view of this universal art. The attendance learn the main stages of this art through various theoretical and practical proposals. What are the “palos” and what are the different dynamics of a Flamenco performance.

The workshop is inclusive, incorporating creatively the interpretation in sign language, subtitling live “Flamenco Sign”, the new glossary for sign language.


flamenco workshop ©avantiavanti
flamenco workshop ©avantiavanti
flamenco workshop ©Maud Sophie Andrieux
flamenco workshop ©Maud Sophie Andrieux


‘Flamenco Sign’ in Ciutat Flamenco 2014

1. Creative campaign inspired by sign language

In the case of Ciutat Flamenco the main objective was to bring Flamenco to new audiences, show the creative possibilities of the resources and the accessibility codes and make the Flamenco a framework for creativity and a meeting point for people with diverse physical and sensory abilities.

The campaign has always played with its parallel interpretation and the surprise factor. Images of “Flamenco Sign” clearly convey to all kind of audience the essence of the festival and Flamenco. At the same time, it also takes on a new sense by discovering its meaning in sign languages.

Ciutat Flamenco sign
Ciutat Flamenco sign
Toque Sign
Toque Sign (playing)
 Cante Sign
Cante Sign (singing)
Baile sign
Baile sign (dancing)


2. Actions and resources for accesible communication

Most people with diverse sensory skills get information on the activities taking place in their cities from organizations or groups representing them. Avanti-Avanti Studio worked with the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities in Barcelona to inform all groups with hearing disability about the festival program, and its new accesibility resources, by sending them information materials adapted to their needs.

The presentation videos, prior to festival performances, were subtitled and “Festival Sign” was incorporated.

If you cannot see the video click on this link

The program of the first day included a public service with an interpreter of sign language. The performance of Eva Yerbabuena, same day, also featured a brief introduction to the show, during Flamenco inclusive workshop, with subtitles live and interpretation in sign language.

3. ‘Flamenco Sign’ workshop. Festivals as spaces for participation

To meet all the needs of people with disabilities is an approach to inclusion, but to turn a festival into a space of inclusion requires a step further. It is necessary to open a space where people with various sensory and physical abilities work with a common goal and learn from each other.


Hiring and further information

If you’d like to receive more information please, send us an email to: elvira@avanti-avanti.com

‘Flamenco Sign’

Avanti Studio Studio has developed the new signs in collaboration with Chema Criado of Aptent (accessibility experts) Juan Carlos Lérida (artist and choreographer) and Conjunto Vacío (video).

‘Flamenco Sign’ workshop

Direction: Juan Carlos Lérida (juancarloslerida.com) and Alex Dobaño (es.linkedin.com/in/alexdobano)
Idea and production: Avanti-Avanti Studio

Guest artist fot Ciutat flamenco 2014 edition: Juan Carlos Lérida, ideologist, choreographer and organizer of the different cycles of Empirical Flamenco in Ciutat Flamenco Festival.
Collaboration: Mercat de les Flors, Taller de Músics, Instituto Municipal de Personas con Discapacidad, Aptent, Conjunto Vacío and Subtil

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